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How to Prepare for the CFA Exams ?

CFA Exams are tough and passing each level is a "Formidable Task" at hand. To take the challenge it's better to start preparing as early as possible. Successful candidates report that they studied for 4-6 months (300-350 study hours) for each level. But remember it also depends on your background which makes this estimate relative. Speaking from my personal experience, "Consistency, Focus & Commitment" was all that I needed to pass all the 3 levels in my First Attempt within a time span of 18 months (Dec'08, Jun'09, Jun'10).


Each session comprises of 4-5 months time period. Three classes are held weekly in the evening to cater for full-time employed candidates. Classes are usually of 150-180 minutes duration. 

The session ends one month before the exam in order to give candidates ample time to revise and take mock exams.



For me, the most important factor contributing to my success was practicing questions and taking weekly quizzes. And this is the actual value addition provided to candidates from the CFA Coach which sets the preparation tempo and builds momentum for the exam. 

A third day apart from classes is dedicated to Quizzes. The weekly quizzes can also be emailed to candidates.


Mock Exams

At the end of the session, usually November for December Exams and May for June Exams, 2-3 Mocks exams are taken on last three sundays before the exam. 

These mock exams help candidates in identifying their weaknesses and make some last minute adjustments. They also reduce exam fear and fine tune candidates "Time Management Skills".


Preparatory Material/

Additional Resources

Study Notes, Question Bank, LOS Summaries, Formula Sheets and all other resources are made available for registered candidates at No additional cost. It is already included in the Coaching Fee.


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