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Rizwan Hameed // CFA Level III Passed

have been taught by Jabran since I started preparing for my CFA level 1 back in Jan 2011 and i have passed CFA level 1 and level 2 both in first attempts under his guidance and teaching. He is a good teacher and know his work very well.


Khizar Rasheed // CFA Level II Candidate

Unbelievably we all students pass in 1st attempt with such a great grades... uv been a phenomenal teacher, looking forward to go 4 level 2 n 3 under yrs teaching.....

Danish Waheed // CFA Level III Candidate & Former Colleague 

Jabran Ata was my batch mate in Askari bank and I have seen him working hard for CFA Exams and how ambitious he was at that time.

Samad Sheikh // CFA Level III Candidate & Class Mate

Jabran was my class mate at Kamran Rashid's CFA Level I classes...he was one of the most brilliant students in our class... He topped Kamran Rashid's Islamabad and Lahore Batch of Level I with record 10 out 10 above 70% in all the areas..... No doubt he completed his CFA Program within a short span of 18 months and the first one to get his Charter in the whole batch... Bravo Jabran Bravo !!!

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