CFA Coaching Classes For Level 1, 2 , 3 June 2020 Exam

Classes will start from 18th of January 2020 (Inshallah). A class on trial basis can be attended, free of cost. To reserve your seat for the trial class, kindly send us your full name, last qualification, current employer and current city of residence on 0345-5447568 (WhatsApp). There will be two classes conducted per week on weekends of 2-3 hours duration. Every area covered is tested with a quiz which is uploaded on student's area to keep students on their toes for the upcoming exam. The session will conclude in April 2020 (Inshallah) followed by three mock exams. 

8-Weeks Fund Management Experience
Students enrolling for any level of our CFA Coaching Classes will also get an opportunity to voluntarily work with us on building a financial model to value Equity Stocks of Pakistan Stock Exchange. It will be a 8 - week Program. Participating students will also get an experience letter for completing the fund management assignment which in future will not only help them in finding a suitable job in Fund Management Industry but also in understanding and applying the key concepts of CFA Level 1,2,3 Curriculum.